Drilling rig equipment used in the production of natural gas. 

An example of the size of an operational 
well-site pad.

An example of a completed well-site once it has been placed into production.    
Assisting Landowners in Developing Their Oil and Gas Resources While Safeguarding Their Land, Air and Water 
(Leader in Pipeline and Oil & Gas Lease Negotiations )

The Oil and Gas Industry Experts Who Negotiate Safer, Smarter and More Equitable Deals for Our Clients and Their Families

Utilizing +20 years of oil and gas industry experience VanGuard Resources, LLC is a leader in oil and gas industry negotiations.  We represent hundreds of landowners throughout Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Wyoming, Texas, Montana, Colorado and North Dakota.  It is our mission  to assist our clients in responsibly developing their oil and gas resources without  giving up ownership and control or sacrificing the safety of their land, air and water.  All Oil and Gas Companies use experts to negotiate their contracts, shouldn't you have an expert to negotiate yours?  VanGuard Resources, LLC puts you on a more even playing field when it comes to this complicated process.  If you need assistance negotiating a proposed pipeline, we have proven results in the industry.  DO NOT LET A PIPELINE COMPANY INTIMIDATE YOU WITH A THREAT TO USE "EMINENT DOMAIN" AND/OR THE POWER OF THE FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION (FERC) - WE HAVE NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENTS IN THE MILLIONS WHEN THE INITIAL OFFERs WERE IN THE THOUSANDS - DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING UNTIL YOU CALL US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!


1.  Contract Negotiations - The negotiation of oil and gas leases, pipeline right-of-way, oil, gas and mineral interest sales, royalty sales, timber values and damage assessments.

2.  Market Assessment of Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights - Allowing our clients to make educated decisions based on the true market value of their resources or prospective resources.

3.  Oil and Gas Lease, Gas Storage and Right-of-Way Reviews - Providing our clients with a knowledgeable assessment of any current oil and gas lease, gas storage or right-of-way agreement affecting their property or prospective property.

4.  Title Search and Review - An Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Ownership Report that allows our clients to ascertain the true 'ownership of record' of all oil, gas and other mineral rights, on their property or prospective property through a detailed investigation of all ownership records. 

If you own oil, gas and/or mineral rights in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Wyoming, Texas, Colorado, Montana, or North Dakota and you want to safely develop those assets, VanGuard Resources, LLC can be a valued advocate in attaining that goal.  Do not make an uninformed decision or let a valuable opportunity slip through your fingers, contact us today!

VanGuard Resources, LLC
P.O. Box 272
Vestal, New York 13851-272


GOV. CUOMO again has made a bad decision, deciding to continue the ban on Hydraulic Fracturing.  New York landowners and all rationally thinking citizens have again been robbed of an opportunity for economically prosperity.  The environmental nuts have persuaded Cuomo to throw common sense out the window and go along with their misguided and fraudulent agenda.  New York landowners have in essence had their property rights stripped from them by the state without just compensation!  What is the next step on the part of the landowners?  A Tax Rebellion seems like the only option that will get Albany's attention, if thousands of landowners stop pay their property taxes, what would Albany do?

 Radical environmentalists are dead-set against allowing high volume hydro-fracturing even though there is no evidence of any danger to the water supply according to the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). They have went so far as to create a film "GASLAND", which supposedly documents several environmental accidents caused by the oil and gas industry - all of these claims have been proven false and in many cases fraudulent - (see the film "FRACKNATION" which debunks all of Gasland's false claims) all this in an effort to convince the public that natural gas production in New York is "BAD" - when in reality it would be great for the economy and the environment because it will create thousands of high-paying long lasting jobs while allowing the US to cut down on oil imports and coal production both of which (oil and coal) are dirtier forms of fuel.  Where is America's common sense?

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